Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I’m drawn to buildings as metaphor for system breakdowns – and as opportunities to learn more about how humans interface with the world through architecture. I use neglected structures as my raw material. In this way, I am able to reveal their hidden construction, provide new ways of perceiving space, and create metaphors for the human condition.

I have recently relocated my studio to a vacant warehouse in Baden, MO. The space was evacuated by Triangle Plastics Inc. in 2003, and has sat unattended since. In its current state, the space is filled with the material/technology the manufacturer used for the production of promotional key chains. We all leave a layer of skin on our buildings, and as an artist I am sharing skin with the idiosyncrasies/history of the industrial activity, the working class citizens who carried out the production, and the larger community in which they lived.

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  1. Hi Robert, Have you read the times article about Detroit? If not, I still have it and can put in the mail. Interesting reading especially in light of what we learned about the decline and renaissance of Philadelphia; the glacially slow work in lower Manhattan. Best, Lesli