Thursday, March 25, 2010

Luke and Eloy
04.10.10 - 05.22.10
5169 Butler
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Careful son, find your way…

Peg-leg up, his name is Smith.

You can cut and split, exposing everything down to the bones and soul of a building…

Peg-leg up, his name is Smith – fast forward, the economy has changed – there’s emotional and financial withdrawal at play – this home is starting to look run down now – thi
s home looks like a disgrace now – we have to raze this home now –

2,4,6,8 – it’s never too late –

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is a way for us to reconsider notions of property, of ownership, of social exchange - of the forces that govern our lives, of trafficking - of boundaries bored through by creative trespass - of a treasure hunt without a treasure - of a plot of land - or a plot - or a conceptual point -

Peg-leg up an' property as a
n idea may loom larger in our minds than it is in reality - it's contemplation causes us to consider the spaces we occupy an' pass through -

Talk, Talk, Talk - Yup, ease on down to the marketplace -

Ten little workers, nine were all talk -

Boy in the box -

2,4,6,8 - never too late -

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A bureaucratic effort, a subversive action – peg-leg up, his name is Smith an’ he left his deeds behind with unpaid tax bills like 50 caps tilted stylishly to the side shading a 24 oz. surrogate version of property.

Peg-leg up, his name is Smith an’ he paid in full - lord of his manor with a youthful aspiration an’ a metabolism that evolves - traded like stocks, ambiguous and abstract like spaces inside walls.

An' watching you light that candle gave me a sincere hope for humanity*

A bugle, some soft-shoe, an’ a little rope…

Gotham Watches

Monday, March 8, 2010

she props me up so*

l(i)ke i'm up on stacks now*

l(i)ke quote

Super hero - special power>>>>vision:

Gotham watches as thru gismo & gadget our hero builds a new paradigm - giving sight to the blind and a little tick tock in the soul cage. No doubt our guy is going to give some body or something a leg up on this one folks! be con't

l(i)ke end quote*

l(i)ke i'm up on stacks now*

she props me up so*