Monday, December 28, 2009

once again...

in a world of once upon a times

where babies are born into numerical order

there are things like hip-hop

and caruso notes*

holding hands saves lives...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm sitting here looking at a superlative little object*

I'm sitting here looking at a/our great big idea*

L(i)ke i'm sitting here reading love poems on Hoidamont*

I'm reading your color stories l(i)ke skyline stories*

I'm sitting here l(i)ke i've swallowed an interior decorator*


An' yes, it's like she-s colored my interior with new stories*

L(i)ke this city stills for a moment*

Color stories build high*


Up high*







Monday, November 30, 2009

All up on it*

Whatever you wanna call it*



All up on it*

Baby Gurl go 100*

Like you built up on Prada heels*

Baby Gurl go 100*

All up on it*

Like fire up(words)*

An' i'm drawing blanks*

Like the best thing i've ever drawn*

Summer arms*

Nice strong back*

But seriously... 'licia

Jittery zeitgeist*

But seriously... 'licia


But seriously... 'licia



Promise to keep this present wing-span an' to always remember that there no sort of day that a sno-cone couldn't fix*



Baby Gurl go 100*


Present wing-span beats a fall from grace*

Crash them skyl(i)ghts*


Baby Gurl go 100*

Beat swells*

Feathers in ink-wells*

Like feathers up in our caps*

Like the harbor is ours*



But seriously... 'licia

You Grand*

88 keys Gurl*

Piano up on stacks*

Like you built up on stacks, but the stacks...

Shit, they sit pretty...

But the stacks...

Shit they the romance...

Baby Gurl go 100*

L(i)ke "Under Rubies"

L(i)ke "Where the South Wind Blows"

L(i)ke romance novels turned mythic*



All up on it*

Sunday, November 22, 2009


what I was talking about

when I mentioned looking up

that high makes you switch subjects

because you didn't realize

you could sub-ject yourself

and those you love

to an idea that big...

unbenounced to(two++++) me...


Dot on your eye(i)*

Let's run Gurl

Just run

L(i)ke just(us) / justice

L(i)ke just run down hills and-a-x-ross sk(i)es cause comet dust must have'ta land somewhere

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Go, Go, GOD + Gadget + + +

90 pl(US)*

M(i)les Per Hour*

Beats Per M(i)nute*

Fr(am)es Per Second*

No matter the scale or measurement - that was some GET UP - that was some urban in plein air - that was some sk(i)line - call s(i)gn - park 1 to/two park 2... OVER...

90 Pl(US) 600 glittering and genteel towns -gathered to be... US ...complex in our levels... I wanna be level ...l(i)ke bubble-s l(i)ke... #2 test taking ...filling in my answers... l(i)ke little to the left gurl... "BABY! BABY! MOVE!" - good thing I'm FAST -cause (U affect) the icon ball is loose in the old five-story (now, I'll tell you a story - it's about a boy clearing bombsites vibrant with modernity's strange anger) l(i)ke little to the right gurl... ...90 pl(US) gurl... Oh, GOD I hope you don't feel stuck in the middle... ...Oh, GOD I feel like cr(i)ing... Oh, GOD our achieveable HEIGHTS + they potential... Oh, GOD we can rise... we, l(i)ke noveau accents... the city's conversation spelled out ol'factory in a hotel lobby...

(now I'll tell you a story - it's about a gurl building surfaces with a single hair(trigger). Her punch-l(i)ne has its l(i)fe-l(i)ne in his root)...

Still... ...l(i)ke sit still... i like to sit still and figure on our eights... ...and the root meaning of three little words. .. we've known them in our past... (that's strange, I thought I heard my name) ...more complex in they levels than they heights...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I’m drawn to buildings as metaphor for system breakdowns – and as opportunities to learn more about how humans interface with the world through architecture. I use neglected structures as my raw material. In this way, I am able to reveal their hidden construction, provide new ways of perceiving space, and create metaphors for the human condition.

I have recently relocated my studio to a vacant warehouse in Baden, MO. The space was evacuated by Triangle Plastics Inc. in 2003, and has sat unattended since. In its current state, the space is filled with the material/technology the manufacturer used for the production of promotional key chains. We all leave a layer of skin on our buildings, and as an artist I am sharing skin with the idiosyncrasies/history of the industrial activity, the working class citizens who carried out the production, and the larger community in which they lived.