Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey, hey – Robert – can I get that flat-head screwdriver?


And what about a Newport?

Yo why you always askin’ me for shit?

An’ why’d I see you in Clayton last week-end dressed like an

angel pimpin’ for Hank and his cheese-cake?

It was Jus(t) for cake.

Jus(t). Jus(t)ice...

Jus(t) tryin’ to fix my lawnmower – an’ sew up this dog-bite – an’ get a fresh line-ing.

Fuck it “B,” let’s walk across to Hardees – I got you,

Frisco* Really*

Traffic hard to dodge on N. Broadway – like Frogger… jus some frogs hope louder than others.

We open up the door – ohhhhhhh, there you go Bug…

Yo, what’s good with you Ton-?

Jus work – saw your door up, when y’all openin’ over there? Got work?

No, jus a studio - but at least now I’ll always know what side of the gun I’m spose’d to buy the farm from.

I’m two farm o’cklock kicks – million on this watch –

See, these crew-s have lost they lunches by the hundreds –

I’ve watched the animals divide – like, lack of a marriage between the classes.

Maybe this cocaine music?

An’ I’ve made plenty of friends on the way to this.

Just made two more on my last day wearing blue as I watched my last three fifty-sniff-hand-over-hands go down on Gimblin Street.

An’ I can stand here and talk about transitions and how holding hands saves lives – cause with so much stacked on the railway switches – I’m glad we steadfast.

All-s fresh air.

& I can’t help but hear the euphony*

Ya’ll need to get up – y’all need to get up – give the scooters back to the youngins.

What’s up kid - dap dap

Who you?

OT, let me get those glasses (his fronts flash)

They prescription an do you no good

Your eyes blue – that’s tight

Aw shit son – that is tight

Look at hers – she your daughter?

Yup – tru - I ain’t ever seen you round here

We stay three streets up pass the park

Heaven – heaven – turn that around and don’t go past the hydrant again

What about you little man?

He say he in eighth grade.

Really (he lean back on the vacant) you built small, seem to carry big though. Eighth grade really?


Tell me something smart then.

Elijah, get out of the street.

Run it smart. What?

Ok, um – I know that if you lift weights a lot and get strong your dick shrink. You only have so much skin and if you get strong that extra skin has to come from somewhere.

Daddy, red light green light again.

Green light go…

Red light stop…

Green light…

Red light…

Green light…


Maybe she’s you.

Just a dollar for a moving target.

Not because it’s fly, but because I can identify.

And I’ll color the statement “let the games begin” with a sense of opening ceremony – like rings beginning to lock – suggestive of an Olympian effort – suggestive of a capability and levels hit by the dedication of heart(s) and mind(s)…