Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey, hey – Robert – can I get that flat-head screwdriver?


And what about a Newport?

Yo why you always askin’ me for shit?

An’ why’d I see you in Clayton last week-end like an

angel pimpin’ for Hank and his cheese-cake?

Jus cake.


Just tryin’ to fix my lawnmower – an’ sew up this dog-bite – an’ get a fresh lline-ing.

Fuck it “B,” let’s walk across to Hardees – I got you,


Traffic hard to dodge on N. Broadway – like Frogger… jus some frogs hope louder than others.

Got new shoes, why you move so fucking slow?

Open door – ohhhhhhh, there you go Bug…

Yo, what’s good with you Ton-?

Jus work – saw your door up, when y’all openin’ over there? Got work?

No, jus a studio - but at least now I’ll always know what side of the gun I’m spose’d to buy the farm from.

The two farm o’cklock kicks – million on this watch –

See, these crew-s have lost they lunches by the hundreds –

I’ve watched the animals divide – like, lack of a marriage between the classes.

Maybe this cocaine music?

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