Saturday, August 15, 2009

and hold this MAC-10 that's all covered in jewels.

and can you please put your titties closer to the 22s?

and where's the champagne? we need champagne.

Now - look as hard as you can with this blunt in your hand.

and now hold up your chain - slow motion through the flames.

now, cue the smoke machines and the simulated rain.


but not too loud 'cause the baby's sleepin***

i wonder if it knows what the world is keepin' - up both sleeves while (s)he lay there dreamin'.

me and my robot tip-toe 'round creepin'.

i had to turn my back on what got you paid.

i couldn't see half the hood on me like Abu Ghraib.

but i'd like to thank the streets that drove me crazy***

and all the televisions out there that didn't raise me.

i was daydream.

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