Saturday, June 6, 2009

reception held friday, june 12th 6-9P
501 n. grand

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  1. THIS STUFF IS incomprehensibly tactile
    and papably auditoy negating frictionless
    abcess of intermolecular muse
    at first it looked like detritus washed up on
    the shores of a sagging society
    perhaps reflecting the inner mayhem
    aiming for the jugular of preciousness
    who cares about the burned out hulks the
    scrap heap of hopes ???
    homeless thoughts seeds of various sorts
    and this represents the apogee of the shining best ???
    this which in un manufacturable '
    impractical unwearable
    a restaurant of puke a wine bottle full
    of aged piss
    assaulting refinement denying beauty
    elected by no one representing eternity farts
    in sculpted laws behind wheels
    making deals
    and teaching about nothingness
    making robot clones spewing out pastel horror
    skipping rope to haunt reflex
    cracked crumbled civilizations overgrown in rainforest
    and latest gadget