Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yo, you got newport



What’s this mean?


What’s stuck on you here.


Ur car kinda dirty.


Can I wash it?


            Naw kid it’s a trainwreck; hopeless.


I’ll do it right.


            Let it be.


So um, you an artist right?


So, you like draw with a vision?


Or is it like you just start something and see what happens?


Or is it both?


I just ask cause I’m trying to draw a parallel.


I don’t just ask anyone for something.


That was why I asked to wash the outside of your car.


I’ll make it look good.

All I really want is a sandwich.


I used to do all sort of heavy jobs.


Like lifting things and moving them.


My arms all messed up now.


            That looks rough.  You damaged.


I got shot, my bone is shattered and I got pins and metal in it.


It has been four years.



You got a loosie?


            Where the burglars slept.


            Same place the angels wept.


Yo you got Newport!


            Here take two.


Really man I’m just trying to get a sandwich or a bus ticket.




Just a solid?


            Two times two is four, and all it for my four year old.

But I’m just tryin to reincarnate myself into someone who matters.


            Maybe she’s you.


            Just a dollar for a moving target.


            Not because it’s fly, but because I can identify.

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